Welcome to my site providing a space to share parts of my research and experience in the field of political science and counter-extremism. Feel free to browse some of my recent articles and publications, mainly tackling a range of contemporary topics on processes of radicalisation, preventing and countering violent extremism and counterterrorism.

I am passionate about challenging violent extremism and terrorism through action-oriented research and innovative programs that counter hate-based violence globally. My background includes expertise in both far-right and Islamist extremist processes of radicalization, counter-extremism and counterterrorism within a range of socioeconomic and political contexts.

Having completed my PhD in political science at UCL, I prefer interdisciplinary approaches harnessing both qualitative and quantitative methods. My experience includes work in the the academic, NGO and private sector; from grassroots program development to policy focussed research and government counsel.

If you have any comments or questions please contact me. I am happy to discuss my research and publications.

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Dr. Erin Marie Saltman