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Dr. Erin Marie Saltman

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  1. Hi,
    I heard you on bbc. You know situation in Syria and ISIL is striking all over middle east . First west helped the militants in Syria even Germany was opposed it. All extreme group from Belgium, France and from other EU countries joined so called Jihad. The intel had just failed, now NATO is going to air strike on ISIL. I want to know from you and your think tank that Saudis are always helping Sunnis, now US is trying to get them on her side.Even leaked cables describe Saudis the cash machines . Terroist made hell. When this will end? One young Yazdi girl came out tell all the horrific sex slavery in the hands of terroist. Please tell the West that now stop playing double games.

  2. Thursday 29/01/2015 : Just saw you at 10.48 CET on Sky News. Very interesting comments. Great to have also read about your studies. Kind regards Mark Simon ( Belgium )

  3. Erin,
    just listened to your comments on BBC. I agree with you that there aren’t proportionate counter-extremist materials circulating either on the electronic or non-electronic media. Moderate and sensible Moslems should do a lot more to spread what they consider to be the doctrine of true Islam and not allow extremist to dictate what Islam is or what it isn’t. I am one of those waiting to be convinced that Islam is indeed a “simple religion” or a “religion that shows no hatred for none”.

  4. I watched your comment on BBC on 25 August 2016. Am quite impress with your depth of analytical presentation. Will like to know your biography Dr Erin.
    Warm Regards


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